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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver?

I am able to deliver up to 45 minutes as of right now. Considering that I am 15 and don't have a car and the fact that frosting melts, boxes tip over, and many more accidents can occur during delivery, I prefer to limit possible accidents to 0 if I am able.

What goes into your pricing?

The cost of my products, the cake batter or frosting, cost of boxes and cake boards, and the amount of time it takes me to complete an order all go in the pricing process. I charge $15 per hour. For example, the price of a six inch three tier cakes ingredients are $10, it takes me 2 hours to make the cake batter, bake the cake, chill the cake, and put plain and simple buttercream on without decoration. So the price comes out to $40. This thought process goes into all of my products and if you would like to know the specifics of your pricing details, I am able to provide that.

How come I can purchase the same cake at Publix for $20? Why aren't your prices the same?

Companies such as Publix or Walmart are all over the country. These companies also sell thousands of cakes daily. They make millions yearly. The prices differ because I am only one person and I am not able to mass produce my products.

What should my details look like to get a quote?

When it comes to the details I need in order to give you a proper quote, I need specific details for each item. If you were to order a custom cake,  I need the cake flavor, the type of frosting you would like, size (how many layers, six inch or nine inch), the type of box and cake boards you would prefer, do you want a filling? do you have a picture of decorations you would like? If you were to order cupcakes, I would need the cake flavor, the kind of frosting you would like, liner preferences, and or box preferences. Any product that requires decorations, such as a cake or cupcakes, or you would like any changes to what you see in the pictures on the website, all of these details should be in the "details for your order" section 

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